We are offering high quality Carob Products ! All traditionally made and created with care and love!
100% Bio Organic
Organic Carob Syrup 500ml €20
Organic Carob Syrup 250ml €10
Organic Carob Syrup 100ml. €5
Pastelaki Vegan, No Sugar 270gr €10
Pastelaki Vegan, No Sugar 135gr. €5
Premium Quality Products With Our Carob King Extract. All natural made.
Carob Soap with
Hypoallergenic Chamomile €6
Carob Soap with Aloe Vera and Essential Oils (Flower Blend) €6
Carob Beeswax Cream with Hypoallergenic Chamomile 50ml €15
Carob Beeswax Cream with Essentials Oils 50ml €18
Carob Face Peeling with Aloe Vera and Mastic 50ml €16
Carob Lip Balsam with Mastic €5
Revitalizing Facial Toner With Essentials Oils (Flower Blend ) 100ml €18

We are based in beautiful  Ibrahim’s Khan Paphos.
For orders and information please contact us ! 
Tel. 99324096